More than 120 cases and Spain still doesn't rise the level of alert to be able to close affected schools or massive events. No measures taken so far.

More than 120 cases and Spain still doesn’t rise the level of alert to be able to close affected schools or massive events. No measures taken so far.
I’m starting to believe they want this to expand and infect every upper 65yo in the country.
Can’t believe they can be so stupid

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Washington State Department of Public Health now confirming five people have died from the coronavirus. Three are from the nursing home at the epicenter of the nation’s outbreak.

Male in 50s
Female in 80s
Male in 70s
Female 70s
Female 80s

My company has sent out an email about washing hands and staying healthy. They have now suspended all international travel for my company. Which is a good thing.


:red_circle: فیلمی که یکی از کارمندان گمرک فرودگاه بوشهر از حجم زیاد ماسک که در صف خروج میباشد را منتشر کرده است

:small_blue_diamond:واقعا مافیای ماسک چه کسانی هستند که در این بحران کمبود ، آزادانه درحال صادرات ماسک هستند؟!

:red_circle: A video released by a customs official at the Bushehr Airport on the exit of a large volume of mask in the queue

Who are the Mask Mafia who are exporting masks freely in this shortage crisis ?!

:arrow_up: Pretty fucked up, whoever is selling Gas Mask surplus when they have a shortage in Iran

Someone dive deeper Into this video

All over internet prices are 10X

Yes but if it’s American mask means it came over from the supply plane from the WHO and it’s being rerouted

To an overseas buyer

Aka Mask Mafia

And that the airport/customs is corrupt


Kenny Stephens with @themike27 find out :arrow_up:

Grinning like an asd

Iran is going to burn

Because of corruption

If society worked on a system which eliminated perverse incentives this would not happen

It’s going to go away

Import/exports have always been a highly corrupt business lots of people cans turn the over way and get paid off

But here we are witnessing it in real time

:red_circle: به دلیل نبود کیت، تست کرونای پرستار مملکت 7 روز بعد از فوتش مثبت اعلام میشه. اونوقت مسئول مملکت صبح ساعت 8 تب میکنه، ساعت 10 تستش مثبت میشه، ظهر قرنطینه، شب هم خبر سلامتیش رو توییت میکنه.

:red_circle: Due to the absence of the kit, the Nurse Coronary Test is positive 7 days after her death. Then the head of state makes a fever at 8 o’clock in the morning, a positive test at 10 o’clock in the morning, quarantined at noon and tweets about his health at night.

:red_circle:اول میگن کمبود نداریم نگران نباشید حالا جناب ظریف به سازمان جهانی بهداشت گفته در ایران، به این اقلام نیاز فوری وجود داره:

  • ماسک‌های N95 صورت و ماسک‌های سه‌لایه
  • دستگاه تنفس مصنوعی
  • روپوش‌های (گان) جراحی
  • کیت تست کروناویروس
  • کاورهای محافظتی بی‌رنگ
  • محافظ صورت و بدن.

آقای ظرف هنوز شنبه نیومده!؟

First, they say we have no shortage Do not worry now Mr Zarif has told the World Health Organization in Iran that these items are in urgent need of:

  • N95 face masks and three layer masks
  • Breathing apparatus
  • Surgical overalls
  • Coronavirus Test Kit
  • Colorless protective covers
  • Protects face and body.

Mr. Dinner has not come yet!

@newlifemaster don’t go to Ghana

Stay in the states


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Ok ok New York bro

Get ready in Brooklyn

You are behind

Sup Aries this your brother o

Keep in mind you guys hospitals likely won’t take others or yourself if seek, bug in or bug out

There was already a newsmessage on the radio here in Holland, that people walked in a hospital and simply stole a pack of masks🤦🏻‍♂

Consider it the new normal

So stop posting your kits/pantry on Facebook or social media

Same thing with guns

Stop posting it on Social Media