More locusts footage coming in

More locusts footage coming in

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Where is this and what do locusts tell us?

Tells us we are in a simulation and every 100 years they press the biblical plague button


It’s unclear if this footage is from Africa or India

Since no dialect can be heard

But the hand :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: is white and not brown

So we can maybe speculate the region

The swarms seem to be moving towards

Chinese word for locust is 刺槐

So let me see what they are saying




The epidemic of new crown pneumonia has not passed yet, and the locust plague that hit the Middle East and Africa has suddenly struck. The news that “almost 400 billion locusts are approaching the Chinese border” has spread the network in the past two days. Pesticide agricultural stocks and sugar concept stocks have been affected by this. Strong rise, the research reports related to the brokerage institutions surged overnight.

01Locusts are not coming?

Just as the “locust quotation was rampant”, when investors were flexing their muscles, the Indian locust plague was over. According to the Xinhua News Agency’s New Delhi report on February 17, "Desert locusts have recently ravaged parts of Africa and Asia, and some parts of India have been severely affected, leading to a large-scale crop reduction or crop failure. However, the current Indian locust disaster has basically ended, and currently only in western Rajasthan There are still a few locusts gathering in parts of the state.

Wow, super interesting, fairly unsettling read. :flushed: thanks for sharing!

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