Mongolian President gives China 30,000 sheep


Mongolian President gives China 30,000 sheep

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For what purpose those sheep’s?

To eat

Are you aware that they culled all their chickens and placed the largest order in the history for any available chickens from the United States

中国老百姓过的好了!要感谢美国!The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture announced on the 17th that it has approved the import of all poultry products from the United States without any restrictions. This shows that the closure of the city caused by the pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan has severely damaged agriculture and aquaculture, and the recent outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza in several provinces has killed hundreds of thousands of birds and made it worse. Swine fever + Wuhan pneumonia + bird flu has caused a shortage of meat in China. The opening of imports is to curb the rapid rise in meat prices and eliminate public grievances.
Chinese people have done well! Thanks America!

Things are that bad Kamil

The press/mass media/CDC is covering up the severity of the situation we are in


Posting for the first time

My opinion on this

Is that the Democrats are trying to use it as a club to hurt trump

And in six months the market will be higher

And the disease will abate

I have hand sanitizer, surgical masks and Clorox wipes

But i still believe everything will be fine


Ear muffs?

Cup to protect the groin?

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Good thinking

I like jokesters like you who have yet realized the hell we’ve entered

Can invite here Members from my community ceos investors innovators from all world?

Thanks Brother

oh dear

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Scroll up. For a looooong long way and then please give us your opinion again. I was with you, until I saw everything we see in here. I have since changed my mind. Maybe you will too? Or maybe you won’t. But please, scroll up and decide… :pray: