MissEm think it will jump in stock?

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MissEm think it will jump in stock?

The numbers on the top if that cab look strange to me

Dejavu inducing

Air tight!

Oh boy…

Remember to check this movie out. :arrow_up: It’s a viral pandemic. It is very similar to our coronavirus situation

Facebook profile is gone now


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Need to see this.

補圖 筲箕灣 東大街 全副PPE. / Maps Shau Kei Wan East Street Full PPE

Now look

He’s live right now. Usually a good show.


Russian official statement: Wuhan pneumonia virus cannot come from wild animals and is a “recombinant” virus. A report released by the Russian Ministry of Health last month stated that the new coronavirus is a single-stranded virus of RNA. The formation of this virus is caused by the combination of a virus carried by a bat and another unknown virus, which cannot exist in any wild animals. Russian officials believe that this “recombination” may be either artificial or natural. :scream::scream::scream:

Wait, what? How did they test them on the train??! What kind of test???

I think Europe has the moronavirus


Wuhan forbids residents to go out to buy vegetables, and can only order high-priced food delivery. The aunt said, “Who can afford the dishes in Wuhan? Who is getting rich while the epidemic is out?” Not only are the prices high, but they are obviously lacking in weight.

The CCP will not change their views, they have their heads so far up their leaders asses it’s not funny


The relief supplies were littered as litter and sold at high prices to residents of imprisoned homes.

硬闯 Hard break