@MillennialMike Brandon finance Bros please leave a comment on this

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@MillennialMike Brandon finance Bros please leave a comment on this

Short of medical supplies

It is like to Send their medical staffs to death.
Ccp overseas children are driving Fancy cars and love china and said “ Go Go Wuhan”

I’m not sure what you are asking? What’s that even from?

Do you feel that the Coronavirus will disrupt trade @MillennialMike

Apple just announced iPhone out of supply soon

Oh boy…

Hi Aries, have a trip for vacation to singapore and bali that was booked awhile back. Would you recommend cancelling singapore trip? How bad is it over there, anyone with info on singapore would be greatly appreciated!

Here is what I can tell you

For the states and for outside of China the next 2 weeks will be crucial

If the Chinese can contain it

But then again cases are popping up

Which had no contact with Chinese nationals

In other countries

The best way you can do is measure the amount of risk you are willing to take

@ash_ko just left for Mexico on vacation she stated that no one except her and her wife wore facemask not even TSA

Perri is also heading to Mexico too with her Husband

You have to measure the amount of risk you are willing to take

If you do travel

Do so with a mask

But do have a SHTF in play

For Bali and Singapore

Trade is one of my least knowledgeable areas, I’ve been expecting a market correction (10%-15%ish dip) before Corona became a big headline, bc we are very overbought.

Not sure it’s going to be “The Correction” meaning the Bear Market that everyone has been waiting for yet. I think we likely see a Dip, followed by potential recovery leading into the blowoff top phase of this bull market

Here’s some context on the run in the Nasdaq …

Thank you Mike…

Just a pro tip, if you can’t find masks at home depot or online, find a Harbor Freight store near you. they seem to have many in stock I went yesterday to my local one.


#中共国 :rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light:见人抓人 # 中国 国 Seeing people catching people

My uncle is just back from Singapore, he was on vacation to his daughter and kids, he didn’t have problems at all over there. He was mainly in some sort of enclosed area, where the high wage workers live. I think it depends where you’re going to, if you stay out of high crowded area’s you wil likely be fine

They have face shield, full face masks, gloves at 5, 7 or 9mm, I like 7mm

Thank you for the input Aries. Really appreciate what you do.

Anything you want and cheap prices


:biohazard::mask::biohazard:If this study’s findings turn out to be the case, humanity is fucked!

Fkn shit. Its not a matter of if you get this but when.

The normal gloves you get from drugstores or even home depot are worthless they break. Even the Harbor Freght 5mm is at least 3x stronger than a normal nitrile or latex glove

Stay calm, I understand your concern