Military setting up structures here in North Las Vegas. Indictments? Training? Coronavirus???

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Field hospitals?

This is your family and friends :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

Cuida de ti y de tu seguridad y de tu familia

Take care of yourself and your safety and your family

100%. Except one thing, we are all family. I believe that is why Aries created this chat. It doesnt matter what your race, gender, politics, or preferences are… the virus doesn’t care.

He doesn’t learn the human being when they realize it s gonna be late

Of course we’re a great family helping us

It Looks like China, but no, it’s Iran

You are absolutely correct Bruno. Or atleast MOST humans don’t realize. You are all here. You see the math behind this. Math doesnt lie. Humans do as the report the numbers.

Does anyone get through to this article about the different strains?
I’d really love a printout.


Most people think that data reported on television are real

Sending you a DM

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I had a guy argue with me on Facebook yesterday that the US government had been the most proactive of any government and were keeping it contained. That was on a Prepper group. So many are still asleep.

South Korea have been most proactive and they still couldn’t contain it.

Exactly. China has done more to contain this than America.

America will have a hard time getting permission to act the way China has been able to treat their citizens.

That’s why they are waiting for it to get really bad and then attempt massive overreach.

I live in Argentina South America, safe things here are gonna get bad

You may be right

A beautiful country

Yes For now they say there’s only one confirmed case