microsieverts go down as I transition away from being sun facing


⤺ reposted by @MartinMakerInDisguise from Just had this Orwellian crap stuck under my door, the whole reason I am in here was so I didn’t have to have the test, looks like I have to explain the stupid nurses that tomorrow again..

microsieverts go down as I transition away from being sun facing

Im back buddy!

is this something I should just update you two directly on or does anyone else have interest in rad tracking?

Got a new puppy today. My first born was born this year on 8/8. We had to put our labradoodle down unexpectedly 8/7. Whats wild…this dog was born 6/8(also our last doodle was 6/15) just weird how days aligned

Can you post the sickness chart again(save me time) and I’ll save it. I also say keep posting in group as someone might not care today but tomorrow they may. Only takes 1 time to word something different to peak a interest

im sure otheres will find it interesting too .:+1:

alright. I’m just not sure how actionable it it - we can’t do much about what the sun does

Where are you getting your measurements from @Python_Exchange

hardware that sits about 3 feet from me (or that I carry with me)

radex one

Knowledge is power…in preparation a 5min notice before the masses is the difference in survival

Well that isnt good…this is ground level

and i’m under two levels of brick

(currently - and for todays measurements)

Oh boy you really kno how to make me feel better

I am after the truth. I didn’t take my feelings into account when writing this

Im joking. But i agree

Which model because and im assuming here. Your location reading would differ from mine?

sarcasm doesn’t transmit well in text - i missed it

RADEX ONE Personal RAD Safety"Outdoor Edition" High Sensitivity Compact Personal

And a question which i assume again cant be answered as too many variables…how wide of a “area” is this reading good for? 100ft? 1mile?

only if rads hit the sensor

and it fits in my hand