Meanwhile in Nigeria ...

Meanwhile in Nigeria …

⤺ reposted by @threeletteragent from It was rumored that a city in Heilongjiang was driving people crazy after the city was closed, and his son killed his parents in a house full of blood.

what’s the backstory here lol

Trading STOPS for 15 minutes as Dow craters 2,000 points amid coronavirus ‘pandemonium’ and Saudi-Russia oil price war - but STILL President Donald Trump blames fake news and Democrats for ‘inflaming’ crisis. Trading on the New York Stock Exchange was halted for 15 minutes on Monday because stocks tumbled so drastically in the first few moments of trading. The Dow opened on a loss of more than 1700 points on Monday, a decrease of more than seven percent since Friday’s close, after a chaotic weekend which saw oil prices tumble and which all but decimated the futures market. Circuit breakers - which are rarely triggered but exist to stop prices tumbling further when a downward spiral shows no sign of slowing - went into effect on Sunday night to stop some futures trading at astronomically low prices. They were triggered again on Monday morning after a dramatic start to the day’s trading to stop the markets going into free-fall. At 9.50am, the Dow re-opened but it had slipped, losing 2,000 points in total.

Randomness to shake up the doom and gloom