Meanwhile in Manhattan

Meanwhile in Manhattan

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Citizen up


Submit Field Reports please!!!

This is the format for field reports

Please pay extra attention to Canned food increases.

Stores are being depleted

Even the 99 cents stores.

What are u guys’ opinion on using weed recreationally?


Oh you are asking for the tomatoes group

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Not worth it


I’ve been using on and off for years and have strongly considered quitting but I don’t see why I should

I know id see my cognition raise if I quit. But I enjoy the flavor of concentrates and the high to much to do so at this time.

All the people I have seen doing it have had their lives slowly worsen

But slow enough not to notice it themselves

Or they are blinded by the dopamine from it

Can’t say I disagree with you, ive noticed my cognition and attention span decline over tine

No doubt in my mind, of the drugs I would choose to do, pot has the most negative effects for my person

A pretty meh drug overall. But hard to put down

CBD is probably fine

Weed: helps if you have pain and a bad day/stressed out. Treat it like a medical drug: not something you want to take every day for fun

MD H hit the nail on the head. If you want to be in a sedative state for a few hours and not worry about shit just look at the mainstream media. Or do special k. Your choicw

:sunglasses: great

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Carl Sagan smoked everyday. Wizard AF

As long as you can control it and it doesnt control you. My wife is full-blown addicted. I only burn in my off season from work then quit for my job when season returns. I go from smoking to 0 like literally 0 till layoff comes back as its not worth my whole livelihood.