Math is racist!!!!!

Math is racist!!!

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Slowly, people realizing what it is.

A nearly unstoppable new religion.

Into the dark ages we go.

Woke Queer Dark Ages here we come

Calvin and Hobbes called it in the 90s


The Wokies, Math is against their religion (literally)


lol Read This Anti-Math, Anti-Meritocracy Bullshit. :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:

Figure out more ways to incorporate math into your daily life… learn new concepts, do it for fun… be a rebel :smiling_imp:

Brett and Heather are evolutionary biologists from the political left that suddenly found themselves victims of the woke movement, beginning with the Evergreen College (WA) fiasco a few years ago. While they have political ideals that surface in various ways in their podcast, they excel in shaming the “goddamn duopoly” and shining light on the danger of the cult of “woke” and its impact on the scientific disciplines and educational institutions. The timecode that’s pinned in this link deals with the danger of conflating the language used to describe a thing (inherent bias) versus the thing it’s describing (in this case, math, objective, universal truth). If you’re interested in the rest, the beginning of the video dives into catch-22 and the cult of loyalty oaths so presciently described by Joseph Heller.

Three Gorges Dam update: Water level = 170.12 mts. Inflow =30K m^3/sec. Outflow =15.7K m^3/sec.

For the first time, the level has crossed 170 mts limit during rainy season, crushing all the previous records.

Worse then it was in the summer? I wouldn’t be surprised if this is intentional.

N.Y.C. Will Close Schools and Businesses in Areas Hard-Hit by Covid

Seattle police arrest 16 people after protest

You can thank the asshats in the Socialist Republic of Seattle for this jackassery.

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A memo needs to be sent out immediately to anyone who company that prints rainbow unity flags, stickers, mugs, tees n totes, or any other material one can stamp with a statement of woke tolerance - starting immediately all future rainbow merchandise must be printed in GRAYSCALE to save money for other efforts to prove wokeness. Furthermore it is essential that rainbow printing be terminated immediately to preserve the red and yellow ink for the printing of pro-CCP and other socialist propagandistic literature for the woke SJWs and ANTIFA “peaceful protestors” to distribute, ie affix to the foreheads of all the white supremacists even the black, brown ones, who refuse to goosestep to the teetotalitarian war drum.

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