Main points (SARS CoV 1):

Main points (SARS CoV 1):

  • 10-15% case fatality rate
  • plenty of rest and good nutrition to boost immune system
  • intensive exercise makes your body more susceptible
  • don’t eat fish
  • stay away from high protein diets, potentially eliminate all animal proteins
  • there was no effective medication, your body is either strong enough and will kill it off or it kills you. Many survivors will live the rest of their lives with damaged organs thus lower life quality/expectancy

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I read no starch, but protein is good?

Other way around pretty sure. More foods that contain starches are also high in minerals

High protein diet slows and clogs down the lymph system (bodies sewer system). For healing a low protein diet is recommendable

What about fats?

If anyone has clear info on optimal diet to fight this thing. Please PM me.

Also slows down the lymph system a bit

So max carbs and veggies and reduce meat?

Eat what you’re used to, cut out heavy meats + add a few more organic fruits and veggies

Considering the issue with masks availability, I’m wondering if spraying masks with Lysol and letting them sit for a minimum of 12hrs after could be an option. Or put them in a UV-C box for decontamination. Thoughts?

Keep refined sugar intake low or non existent. Don’t make too drastic changes to your diet though or your body will get flu-like symptoms in its regenerative process, thus temporarily lowering your immune response

If it was viable, poorer countries and underfunded medical institutions could use to decontaminate gear for doctors and nurses… Better then nothing when running out

I’ve been full carnivore for months. Not changing. Way more energy and healthier. My guess is if you have a diet that is working for you, now is not the time to experiment with changes. Information to the contrary is pure speculation.

Update (1530ET): Washington state health officials have confirmed another 2 deaths, raising the US death toll to 19.


Someone in AZ did same thing. He was at 2 bars before heading to the hospital

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Got it. Ty

I usually fast for a day if I get sick. I figure digestion is overhead my immune system doesn’t need. I like honey and lemon tea for some reason but I generally don’t eat much if at all until I start feeling a little better. Sometimes I can beat back a cold in a day maybe two this way. Obviously this is not a cold

Take mullein then