Lovecraft Country: Episode 1

Lovecraft Country: Episode 1

Hidden In Plain Sight

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Bio humanism can be a good thing if and only if it’s used to make our capabilities better than they are but if it’s controlled by anyone but us then it’s a problem, and if we all become bio humans we effectively are creating a super AI what powers collectively will we have or will someone have, where will all our data be stored and who has access to it, once we’re all super humans there will be no need for biological humans, so really we’re wiping humans out in the long run, if I can lose my limbs and replace them with metal and control them with my mind but I have an implant in there am I human or robot :thinking:

We are already becoming cyborg, we all have a digital layer already, that’s how quick it’s happening now

And when you think about it it’s almost like someone is playing us already, collecting bitcoins and so on, like sonic or mario and the coins they collect, we are a simulation, well today we could be, tomorrow we maybe something else in a different timeline, I have started wondering if someone ( well not someone, me, I’m telling myself from another timeline) from a different timeline put me onto this group to learn stuff to stop me continually making the same mistakes to move my timeline forward lol who knows :thinking: