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⤺ reposted by @TheWysard from Lack of facilities in Kerman, Iran, hospital makes nurses fight with corona plastic bags instead of special clothes

Love it!

So I just heard they suspect coronavirus can survive on surfaces up to 9 days. Additionally, they’re saying based on autopsies on coronavirus patients it’s like SARS and AIDS all in one. If this is all true, god help us all.

You miss it don’t you


Telegram achieves Unstoppability

Thank goodness. One place where freedom is still important.

Followed by comments from the government to CALM DOWN, DON’T PANIC BUY and
A whole lot of other contradictory advice

Most of it is their psychological programming and many humans have had it so good for so long… They can’t even process it… Then there is just plain and or willfully ignorant… All the information and or bitching in the world isn’t going to get through… So you present to those who are able to process and appreciate the work…

So are people going to continue to ask for “source”?

Because nothing we are being told is true

It’s like the truth is somewhere between Alex Jones and the CDC :joy:

We have to collect what we can and trust our own judgment

Any instances of martial law outside of china?

Thank you for this safe space to talk Aries

If martial law comes to your area, what do?

Yes I heard france, there was an episode on CNN

I don’t have TV here in the country so I just heard about it from a freaked out person on fb

Let’s do a batch

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I’ll leave this right here. :wink:

I would not share my plan online