Louvre staff know what they are doing 👍

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Louvre staff know what they are doing :+1:

Update Summary:

  • Global virus deaths hit 3,000 as China reports another 42
  • NY State confirms 1st case of Covid-19
  • Rhode island announces “presumptive” case; patient recently visited Italy
  • Washington State confirms 2 more cases & 2 deaths
  • 2 new cases confirmed in California
  • Israel case total hits 10 day before vote
  • South Korea death toll hits 22; ~3800 infected (over half from one lady)
  • Germany case total doubles in 24 hours to 129
    Mexico case total climbs to 5

White House to hold meeting tomorrow with 8 pharma CEOs

Italy reports 42% jump in cases overnight to nearly 1,700

Italian death toll hits 29

France reports 30 new cases, bringing total to 130

Czech Republic, Dominican Republic report first cases

Chinese health officials report first ‘double lung’ transplant connected to virus case

Iraq, Bahrain confirm 6 new cases; Lebanon confirms 3

6 being tested in NYC for coronavirus

South Korea confirms 18th death, officials seek murder charges for founder of church at epicenter of outbreak

American Physical Society cancels major scientific conference

Juventus quarantines U23 squad

Iran death toll hits 54 as Trump offers aid

Thailand, Australia report first deaths

Spain case count hits 73; France hits 100

Independent scientist says it could have been spreading in WA for six weeks, with hundreds infected

Luxembourg reports first cases, says it’s linked to Italy

UK cases rise to 35 as 12 new cases confirmed; 2 cases infected inside UK

UK health secretary says China-style lockdowns “an option”

Shenzhen is already seeing higher than average congestion…

Evidence that Shenzhen is hiding its newly confirmed numbers. This notice posted by an apartment complex says they have a new confirmed patient in no.3 building on March 1st so the building will be quarantined. Yet the official total new case is 0.

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