Looks like the actual story has made it into the main stream

Looks like the actual story has made it into the main stream

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Hey Oz where is that from?

Realllly??? (sarcasm)

It took them this long to say that its more deadlier than SARS :roll_eyes:

Announcement from a Chinese factory.

Why in English

Customers mainly speak English

Chinglish or not sounds indefinite

Separate from that, With the corporate work I do as well our factories have already said they will be delaying our deliveries to stores. Hopefully there will be some talk if factories are opening or not this week but that’s what I heard in a meeting last week.

I see I thought it was to employees at first

Regardless of how lethal the virus is if they factories are closed for a long period of time it will have a ripple affect across the world.

Especially businesses on small margins

Right. Wonder if it will slow things down past -2% world gdp

Lots or normies are gonna die

Good Morning Aries…

Hi guys

Preparing a batch

Media is telling people not to protect themselves from the virus

Tell the media to go fuck themselves

You’ve seen in this room how bad it is

I can’t believe that Steve Bannon is doing the fucking job

That The NY Times and the others should be doing


How mind blowing is that

It’s crazy

All of the Chinese healthcare workers are walking around like this…

But we’re supposed to wear nothing like everything is fine. :expressionless:

The dogs are more prepared than America