look this

look this

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This is a fucking wake up call right here

ok i keep rerunning the numbers

what I think now is that Hubei is roughly !6% of their population is infected


we know for sure they are burning at least 737*7 bodies a day in wuhan

and wuhan only represents 7% of Hubei’s cases

at a mortality rate of 2.7%, you can infer there are about 9 million infections in Hubei

that’s the 16% because hubei has 57 million people

if you pull up all the other provinces to this 16%, 2.7% numbers for infection and mortality

China could see up to 216 million infections and 5.8 million dead

If this spreads like H1N! 2009, it means 1.24 billion infections worldwide

And 34.2 million deaths


Is baby dead?

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Those are like Spanish flu numbers !