Look how happy he is. Lol

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Look how happy he is. Lol

easy to figure out

he okayed to be silent about something

Awarding the medal “For Military Service of Ukraine” is carried out:

for personal courage and bravery, selfless actions shown in protection of the state interests of Ukraine;
for achieving high combat readiness of troops and ensuring the defense capability of Ukraine;
for exemplary military service;
for performing special tasks to ensure the state security of Ukraine;
for merits in protection of the state border of Ukraine;
for 25 years of impeccable military service.

25 years equivalent

Why did they require a “survivor?” Why not ship him off too?

Once again

But why they left him? For the cover story?

Not a scratch on him

It’s this line here : “or performing special tasks to ensure the state security of Ukraine;” that gets me

Like @KieranG said

What does that tell you

lies / covert / narrative telling


And where are they really

The cadets and instructors

Where are they

Off world or in Dumbs.

Off world, or going through final training/initiation?

Yes, but why is a “survivor” required to carry on the narrative? Why not just have an official story about all of them being dead?

Wanna know we’re the cadets truly are

Lots of questions if no one survives. If one survives then people focus on that one person and stop looking at the rest.

Fair enough.

Not required, just more convenient.


Was it Homer that said a war is only ever told from the side of the victor?

Sometimes you have to imagine the impossible,

Always Blue Always

So many people are going to lose it when this all comes out.