Lol yesss

⤺ reposted by @ash_ko from Two people were reported to have become infected with novel #coronavirus after just 50-second and 15-second contact with confirmed patients, which Chinese experts consider atypical cases with a low occurrence rate. pic.twitter.

Lol yesss

Татьяна Голикова рассказала, как оптативный штаб будет бороться с завышением цен на медицинские маски и лекарства:
«Завтра будет заседание штаба именно по этому вопросу. Мы заслушаем ФАС, Ростехнадзор и Минпром с точки зрения обеспечения промышленности потребительского спроса на средства индивидуальной защиты. И тогда уже будем рассказать какие первоочередные меры будут предприняты» Tatyana Golikova told how the optics headquarters will fight the overpricing of medical masks and medicines:
“Tomorrow there will be a headquarters meeting on this issue. We will hear from the FAS, Rostekhnadzor and the Ministry of Industry from the point of view of providing the industry with consumer demand for personal protective equipment. And then we will tell you what priority measures will be taken ”

我在体制内工作过,中共颠倒黑白的本事举世无双。就算有效他们也会说无效,避免使用。 :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage: I have no doubt about the effectiveness of Reddiver’s medicine.
But I am afraid that the Chinese government will not use this medicine for pneumonia patients for political purposes.
The Chinese Communist Party has been inciting anti-US hatred, and suddenly came to an American medicine to save the Chinese people, which is not in their political interests.
I have worked in the system, and the CCP’s ability to reverse black and white is unparalleled. Even if it works, they will say it is invalid and avoid using it. :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:

李文亮在去世之前接受了CNN采访,而CNN海外报道内容中涉及到一些中国官方不希望出现的内容,这很可能是让他丧命的重要原因。Li Wenliang was interviewed by CNN before his death, and the content of CNN’s overseas reports involved some content that Chinese officials did not want to appear, which is likely to be an important reason for his death.

It’s arrived in the streets of Hong Kong


You know none of this makes sense

We only saw them armed once

Only once did they do

A armed sweep :broom:

I mean who the fuck are they

These guys are not doctors or police but sweepers or operatives


Regular doctors don’t carry guns, that’s for sure. It goes against the Hippocratic oath.

Not necessarily

MSS taking out the ones who leaked Caronavirus

That would explain the people in the elevators cctv spreading it around the city

This is coordinated bio terrorism

Two QBZ-95 and what look like QSZ-92 handguns

…the plot thickens. :thinking:

One of the GIs with the pistols could be a medic or something similar

We’re technically not allowed to act offensively, however we are allowed to fire defensively and even offensively at the risk of our own Geneva Convention protection

If they are a medic or anything medical. They should have the one piece coveralls on

Not everyone plays by the rules

I have a few SGTs, SSGs, and SFCs that told us stories about times they “turned off the body cam”

That’s fine…
but a medic would want to wear a full one piece coverall for his own health protection. He will know that blue apron stuff is bullshit and he could get the virus. So I don’t think they medical.

And they’re so comfortable with the guns. :thinking:

He *would know

That could be all they offer or had available


Wuhan has an entirely operational SWAT and Bomb Squad Unit. These 3 guys are totally MSS and hunting for individuals related to the leak.


And yes even though we’re Doc, we know that rifle/pistol/etc is whats really going to stop a threat

How air traffic over China has changed since the outbreak of the coronavirus. / 自冠状病毒爆发以来,中国的空中交通发生了怎样的变化。/ Как изменилось воздушное движение над Китаем с момента появления коронавируса.

Where are the medic’s supplies??
I don’t know the picture doesn’t look right to me. :thinking:

Could just be there to identify whos infected