Lol lazy assholes

Lol lazy assholes

⤺ reposted by @JFresco123 from I heard unconfirmed "reports" from a source that they have small sections of the city blocked off by military where they have burn pits due to the overwhelming amount of corpses in the crematoriums

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This is a picture of medical staff at a hospital in Lvshun.
The hospital has been reported to be under a total quarantine for three days with no one being allowed to leave. The facility is full with no beds left for patients. Note that this is not in a region under government travel restrictions like Wuhan. Hospitals in regions without any reported deaths are asking for donations of PPE claiming they have run out.

Friends working on getting some supplies in China​:innocent::sparkling_heart:

Post the link

Kenny Stephens it’s in Long Island?

A lady I work with said a baby was diagnosed in Medford with coronavirus

So she took her kids out of daycare.

Probably already infected

I don’t get how this is getting out of hand.

Is it during the incubation period that everyone is being Infected with the media also covering up actual number of people who are infected?

Waiting in line

At the hospital

Give me a second

How fucking retarded that everyone went to the hospital and got everyone else infected…

One controversial stance the CDC took is their announcement that the infectiousness of asymptomatic patients (people in the incubation period) will not be a significant factor driving the epidemic.
This is completely opposed to the views of leading epidemiologists and infectious disease specialists around the world who I have discussed this with over the past days, not to mention the countless articles that others have put out.

Simply put, when potential for growth is exponential, there is a massive difference between infecting two others while symptomatic, and infecting an additional person while asymptomatic. The difference is potentially thousands of lives and countless billions of dollars.

I now ask the CDC to look at the streets of China. Everyone is walking around with respirators and avoiding contact, staying at home. PPE and disinfectant are sold out. So why is Corona still spreading? Do you think people would risk getting infected once someone starts showing symptoms?
The truth is that a negative feedback loop is at play. As the potential infectiousness of a person increases (by increasing virus shedding and increase in symptoms) so the opportunities to infect people decrease (by others taking extra precautions around them).

Further, there is no screening test for asymptomatic patients. Someone can walk through an airport and get infected, fly home, and spend two weeks doing their thing before becoming symptomatic. By this time the cycle has started again and chasing close contacts will be nearly impossible. Just a reminder that you don’t need a cough or fever to be infectious, even early on in the infection you can transmit it by picking your nose and shaking someones hand. And naturally they will not wash their own hands because you are not ill.


Families brought the infected to the hospital and then went home and infected others and their own families in the process??!

The CDC just finished a media briefing with allied agencies.
It’s all common sense and old news but there are a few highlights:
-plans are in the works to roll out the diagnostic test and make it more easily available.
-estimates are that a vaccine will enter trials in three months and full scale production in six.
-50% of new cases in China are from outside the Wuhan area (Chinese data).
-the CDC says that they can’t comment on many characteristics of the disease as they have been unable to review Chinese data.
-the CDC want to send their own personnel to China to monitor the situation. The WHO announced that China will allow this but it is unconfirmed.

The CDC is currently monitoring 110 possible cases of Coronavirus across 27 states.
They also have an extensive screening program for people returning from Wuhan, having checked 2400 people for signs of active infection.

Screening does not prevent infection. The Wuhan virus is infective even during incubation and has a variable incubation period ranging up to two weeks. It is impossible to track all the close contacts during such a long period.

There are only two ways to stop It

  1. Wash your fucking hands. But because most humans are fucking trash and won’t practice basic hygiene to literally save their lives, this won’t help.
  2. Develop a vaccine. Once a certain percentage of the population has been vaccinated (or even only high risk cases) then Corona-chan will slow and eventually stop spreading. However the closest possible clinical trial is still only six weeks away, with even the most optimistic estimates saying that testing will likely begin only in June

-incubation lasts 5 days but can last as long as 14 in rare cases.
-patients are infectious even during the incubation stage, through manual spreading of mucus containing shed viruses, or coughing and sneezing from other causes.
-infection occurs when virions reach and colonize mucus membranes, and yes this includes your eyes. Symptomatic infection occurs when sufficient viral load is reach on respiratory epithelium.
-during the symptomatic stage most people experience a common cold
-some people, especially among the elderly, young, and already ill, experience viral pneumonia which may be lethal if untreated, and in many cases will be lethal regardless of treatment.
All of this has been confirmed. The CDC is waffling on, I don’t know why but the contradictory announcements speak to the incompetence of whoever is in charge of this briefing.

I guess I ain’t shaking nobodies hands for a while

I need to get some supplies besides food I guess

Damn batsoup

Mask :mask: goggles :goggles:


Can’t wear goggle everyday. The one day I don’t wear them I’ll catch it

There is some science to suggest that therapeutic approach with BHT might be viable

But it’s definitely at each persons risk

I am for one taking it, it’s action is specific to lipid envelope viruses

What is bht

Steroids ?

I have so far had pretty good success with Influenza, so since at least there is plenty of safety studies

I am taking 250mg/day.

It’s a powerful antioxidant, there was a hype in research in the 80s

What was that crematorium vid about aries

Bht? Imma look it up online , maybe buy it

For its antiviral properties against lipid envelope viruses, now it’s just a life extension niche supplement