Lol 😂 I can’t stop laughing

Lol :joy: I can’t stop laughing

No papa Minecraft not Mein Kampf

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Lol!!! Hahaha

Why so many janet flights?
Why are they being scrubbed?
Where are the ceo’s?

We have 10 days until election
What happens if people don’t like the result?

Aries has been telling us to prep for months, did you listen?

We have 9 days till the event
10 days till the election :ballot_box:

Stock up
Get ham radio
Have a bugout bag
Have a bugout location
Get a faraday cage

Get ready

Guys wanna do a Hungarian Martian today for #WIZARDOFTHEDAY ? Or a Gold?

I’m always down for a Martian

Ok but first some Hard Disclosure

Jamie xx - Gosh (Official Music Video)

Everything hidden in plain sight

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