Lockheed EP-3E ARIES II

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“Airborne Reconnaissance Integrated Electronic System” is this what your friends call you?

“Constant Phoenix”

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New rules may allow Australian police to detain “conspiracy theorists” OFF-Guardian

Troops think otherwise

This just happened last night

Jonathan and Wilma Hostetler, a Mennonite couple who had a flat tire while passing through Indianapolis the other night. They were robbed at gunpoint and then both shot.

Their 6 year old son called 911 from inside the car. Wilma was killed and Jonathan is critical.


This is what I fucking mean !!!


Newt Gingrich lays out how Soros is spending all this money in these DA races, Fox reporters basically tell him hands off with Soros.


“Groups like Antifa clearly more closely meet the definition of domestic terrorism, but the only requirement for being considered “foreign” terrorism would be to have some means that transcends national boundaries. Antifa protestors have been active in the UK and elsewhere, and even its name—anti-fascist—suggests an international orientation against the roots of white supremacy groups in past Fascist governments in Germany, Austria, and Italy. This would likely be a sufficient transnational angle to designate Antifa, given there is no clear standard.”

It went “Dark” now back on the grid

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If You’ve Just Had Covid, Exercise Can Cause Serious Complications, Including Heart Disease | WIRED


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