Local farmstands could become a new link in the food supply chain

Great tips at the end.

Finding your farmstand
A good farmstand can require detective work to locate. Here are some rules of thumb to help in your search.
• Call any local farmers you know how to contact, and check in. Find out what their plans and outlooks are.
• Go to the website for your local farmers market, and scan the list of vendors for any you recognize. Hopefully there will be contact info. If not, look them up.
• Look for chat rooms, email lists, Twitter accounts or local online resources. Type the keyword “farmstand” into any search field you can find.

This is actually good news. Long, complicated supply chains are unsustainable. I am loving this opportunity to go local and support farmers nearby.

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Will do a recap shortly regarding the Food Supply Chain this week

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Will be checking in with my local farmers & farmers markets this week and keeping my supply chain as close to home as possible.

This was inevitable as the process was archaic. Farmers have already begun branching out with their own direct to consumer business ventures prior to this mess such as https://www.farmerscart.com