Lmk if this works:

Lmk if this works:

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it works but it wants me to join

This article said that the National Sanitary System risks the collapse. For this reason the use of the machines of Intensive Therapy will be allowed for those cases who has more chance to survive.

This is could be the new quarantine zone. It includes a piece of the great half moon zone, the most productive zone of EU. And the most productive zone of Italy.

Any Russians in the room?

Yeah they’ll approve you. Dr. Morse also has a book with a lot of good knowledge

Seems like Italy has finally learned it’s lesson. Let’s see!

I invited my AZ friends.


Yeah, whats going on in Russia?

I’ve heard no masks but the Russians are calm

Are they still releasing these

Bats got cancelled Aries

I can ask some friends in Moscow tomorrow if you don’t get a response

That would be great

We need ruiskis

I do this at home

Hmm i feel like theyre talking about eucalyptus oil?

Врачи в Шереметьево в полной боевой готовности к встрече с коронавирусом😂. Doctors in Sheremetyevo in full combat readiness to meet with coronavirus😂

Babushka says

I’ve sent a request to 2 people for now. Oh wait… I have a group I can post to as well