Live | The U.S. Department of Justice

5 min.

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On now.


Yes, still at the slate screen.

knocks screen

Here we go

Here we go

okay confirmed ‘Beatles’…

“Beatles” in FBI custody.

What a joke

ahh i didnt press the live button missed it :joy::joy:

That’s on I accidently hit pause and missed part, then accidentally closed the screen. I shouldn’t be allowed to near any device in the mornings. :woman_facepalming:t2::rofl:

Wake up juice all around… :rofl:

That’s ok* I meant. I rest my case. :rofl:

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Ok well I don’t mean to sound dismissive because screw those guys, they deserve whatever hell is coming to them, but anyone else a little disappointed? :raising_hand_woman: Anyone else wondering what they were REALLY planning on saying and can’t? :raising_hand_woman: