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Not getting the point?

Possible links to blm and ccp. Video I posted above is mostly apolitical in my opinion

Now if it was true what stocks would you buy?

If we were going to War with China what stocks would you buy beforehand


Juul for the juul pod zoomer rations

You are a hedge fund manager

I’m not, I can assure you

You analyze actionable intelligence that we are going to war, what sticks do you buy?

Boeing, Kratos, general dynamics, Lockheed Martin

It’s a though exercise


Well done

You are for like the next five minutes. Get into character. :rofl:

This is what happens when people make vows in the form broad of sweeping statements like “no matter who”… Saying “Vote X no matter who” is literally the same thing as saying "I honestly do not care who this person is, what their platform is, what they have done, what they have failed to do, what they openly say that they plan to do, what their record and past statements indicates that will likely do accordingly, or to the contrary of such promises, or even if they openly oppose everything that I stand for, and the constitutional rights and freedoms that this country guarantees to every citizen. I don’t care how this will affect me, my family, my friends, my neighbors, my colleagues, my job, future generations.I LITERALLY DO. NOT. CARE. My feelings and opinion are all that matters, and my opinion is that I don’t like X and therefore anyone, a career criminal, a con artist, a serial killer, a terrorist, a gang member, a mountain panda, it doesn’t matter, just literally anyone but the person or party I oppose.

That line of thinking is so dangerous it is borderline insanity. At the very least, it indicates severe lack of judgment and absence of critical thinking skills. One could even argue that it is indicative of a diminished mental capacity that would inhibit one from making good decisions on matters that affect ones health and safety, and that of those around them. But I’ll leave that determination up to the clinical psychologists and the courts.

It’s 2018

Syria just committed a war crime

What stocks do you buy??

@m1n1tru3 don’t reply

Give the others a chance

Any steel/manufacturing company

Who knows what companies going to get the contracts. One thing for sure is they need raw materials

What happened after the Chemical attack

What did POTUS do

I’m trying to teach how to short sell and make predictions on a global stage