less than 2 months

Tick Tock

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less than 2 months

Indeed :slight_smile:

Satoshi made Bitcoin to be Interplanetary and Intergalactic. Quantum entanglement will allow blockchains all over the galaxy to be in perfect synchronicity. Eventually, schrodinger miners kept at -273 Kelvin will allow all blockchains to remain in every conceivable state simultaneously until someone checks their wallet balance thus triggering a Bose-Einstein condensation into a single blockchain. Ultimately, of course, 4th dimensional probability nodes stored on linked photon agglomerates traveling at light speed will allow transactions to be logged before they even take place.

Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System

or is it

Bitcoin: A Planetary-to-Planetary Electronic Cash System


Yes, unfortunately

Is Cambodia safe?

I got an offer to stay there for a few months

rather you stay in the First World

for the time being

you can scroll up and read about the ones who left South Korea for China. Because the Wamao told them things are getting better. Seriously stay in the First World

Why specifically first world, we have seen how US and Italy coped,

Exactly you can see how they coped

In the 3 world you cant see that

Because we’ve also seen China and iran

They hide it

We see :wink:

First confirmed case in my regional city today, there is several more will be announced in coming days but its here now, been contact tracing with other people and not feeling very positive about my town

surge capacity, him being a Japanese Citizen, Closed borders, many reasons/variables. Rather if Makoto @mtakemiya gets sick he’d be in a Japanese Hospital instead of a Cambodian one.

Was leaked by hospital staff then media then our health department…

@ravi_goodboi this is what a hospital in Iran looks like. This is why I don’t want @mtakemiya in Cambodia. The rate of cross infection is astronomical.

In Cambodia you just walk in with some cash and don’t wait in line

Of course some people have guns

so you don’t want to get shot

Consider this a warning from The Adjustment Bureau

Don’t go to Cambodia

Yeah even in India this will be the similar kind of scene if it gets worse

⤻ reposted @AriesAzazel to @ravi_goodboi this is what a hospital in Iran looks like. This is why I don’t want @mtakemiya in Cambodia. The rate of cross infection is astronomical.

I’ve been to Cambodia

I would def not recomend at a time like this. Feel free to DM me.

“开门!” “拉屎。 这是不好的。 这是不好的。 拨打110(中国警察紧急电话)!” “那里有两个。” “我们不能只是扑朔迷离”“他们已经死了”“没关系,下楼!” /方言是湖北/武汉。

“Open the door!” “Shit. This is bad. This is bad. Call 110 (Chinese police emergency line)!” “There are two.” “We couldn’t just bash in” “They are already dead” “doesn’t matter, go downstairs!” / dialect is Hubei/wuhan.