LA Field Report: Canton Foods & Wholesale Suppliers

Food Supply Chain Report - Wholesale

Date: Apr-18-2020

Time: 3:00 pm PST

Store: Canton Foods & Wholesale Suppliers

Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Neighborhood: Downtown

Water: Well-Stocked

Fruits & Vegs: Well-Stocked

Poultry: Well-Stocked

Meat: Well-Stocked

Seafood: Well-Stocked

Dairy: Well-Stocked

Dry Milk: Limited options

Baby Formula: Limited options

Oil: Well-Stocked

Pasta: Limited options

Ramen Noodles: Well-Stocked

Beans: Well-Stocked

Rice: Well-Stocked

Flour: Well-Stocked

Yeast: Out of stock

Baking Powder: Well-Stocked

Toilet Paper: Well-Stocked

Paper Towels: Well-Stocked

Hand Sanitizer: Out of stock

Hand Soap: Well-Stocked

Cleaning Supplies: Well-Stocked

Disinfecting Wipes: Out of stock

Laundry Supplies: Limited options

Pet Food: Do not carry

Booze: Do not carry


. High demand products, one per household.

. No photography, violators will be escorted out.

. Plenty vinyl and latex gloves.

. Increased presence of non wholesale buyers.