Kim Kardashian West will freeze her Instagram to protest Facebook - CNN

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Kim Kardashian West will freeze her Instagram to protest Facebook - CNN

As much as Rick drooling on himself in half-slumber is always charming, what’s happening here is a big deal - not because of the girl - but because it creates systematic breaks in the existing data collection patterns of billion dollar companies mired in bad censorship policies.

If enough people stop, start, stop, start their social accounts, what do you think happens to the algos and the AI at those companies?

Not rhetorical - if you’re going to drool-snore at someone condescendingly for pointing out something - not just VALID - but that affects an already corrupt and bizarre critical media infrastructure during an invisible war - you should know why this is actually important - like the person who posted it does…

Understood. Thanks for giving me a different perspective on the item posted. Did not realize it had such meaning when posted.

Thanks, I had been trying to get around to replying to that one, but toxic smokey air has me barely functioning at a snail’s pace all day/night/day. :frowning:

While many may rejoice at the prospect of a Kardashian-reduced social media diet, the big takeaway here is that, regardless of their seemingly vapid existence, the K Krew wield a scary amount of influence over the masses, in particular the masses with money. They have also used their powers for good - and no one is as shocked as I am to find myself validating their existence or assigning them any positive worth. Kim K. helped get that grandmother released from prison that Trump pardoned, which led to a long overdue action on prison sentencing reform. They also have a tremendous amount of clout with the NBA - or at least a lot of boyfriends, husbands and exes in it. And since the NBA is being used to push the Defund the Police and BLM Socialist agenda, then they can be tremendously useful in helping to bridge a middle ground between the Defund and Defend factions of the police debate. Clearly they acknowledge that there are significant problems within the police and the prison systems with regards in particular to the disparate number of African Americans affected by crime deals written and enforced by the very people pandering to them for their votes. Furthermore, I don’t think there is any other celebrity family in the history of the world who better dictates both fashion and social trends. Love them or hate them or couldn’t care less, their social media presence translates to dollar signs and whole bunch of them. So this is in fact a gigantic deal.

Bingo. Spikes and crashes in the algo make the algo useless. So how does this relate to what we saw in Season 3 of Westworld?

Agreed. Taking it a step further, this was already happening. People were being offered payment to stop using Facebook for a few months.

And yes, influencers and social hubs with huge followings have massive power.

What’s her brand?

“Kim Breaks the Internet.”

She’s literally breaking the internet by causing a massive disruption in the predictability of data collection and the algorithms the social sites use.

This data is their bread and butter. If advertisers and states can’t set a watch by it because it’s being altered by the users themselves - who are the product for these services - the services become useless.

Kim just became the least anonymous Anonymous - coordinated stoking of voluntary user shutdown over social is basically tantamount to using influence to launch a DDoS attack.

So again, how does this relate back to what we saw in season 3 of Westworld?

That was homework. Start watching. :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen it either. I haven’t even seen S1. :woman_facepalming:t2: It’s been on my list for a while. I’ve seen the original films they are based on. At any point does Yul Brenner appear as a robotic cowboy?

History repeats itself :arrow_up::arrow_down:

Any thoughts on some of the videos and performances from maddona and other celebrities of big cities blowing up? It feels like soft disclosure to the public. Curious how many of you think that this sort of thing could happen this year…

Next on my list to watch is Westworld

Also Madonna had a video on Instagram and it shows empty cities and her poetry about the cities are all bombed or obliterated and no more. I remember earlier this year when I was following everything all angles including dark stuff from Hollywood she was one of the elite losing her shit.

Yes this one!

Did you see this one? The world being nuked

Nahh we just burn the west coast first.

Watch the new one. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Who made this one? Always an image of mother with mask and kid with none. Just like the magazine of all the doomsday events.

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