#Kenosha Sh00ter Caught On Video.

— “Every city every town, burn the precinct to the ground”, chant the Antifa Militants in Portland

Meanwhile in Portland

its nuts out there

Until something happens. Then it’s “OMG! Call the police!” :woman_facepalming:t2::roll_eyes:

Gracias a este grupo, mi cuenta de Instagram urbana puede difundir noticias y mostrar lo que sucede en el mundo a todos mis seguidores.
todos estan muy agradecidos porque aqui se difunde lo que la televisión no quiere que se sepa, muchas gracias a todos por su labor​:muscle:t2::fire::muscle:t2::heart:
Thanks to this group, my urban Instagram account can spread news and show what is happening in the world to all my followers.
everyone is very grateful because here is broadcast what television does not want to know, thank you very much everyone for your work​:muscle:t2::fire::muscle:t2::heart:

tell them to come and join us

we have room for 200,000

actually 196724 more

I will, I will put a story and put everyone who wants to enter!


Aquí podréis ver lo la cuenta y las noticias que subo

Obviamente no tengo tiempo de subirlas todas y me dejó siempre algunas fuera

Pero intento hacer la mejor difusión posible

es muy importante compartir especialmente con partes del mundo que tiene mas pobreza o otras problemas porque aveces no tienen el mismo acceso a información importante para poder salvarse. Pero igualmente compartes y ayudas de esa forma. Tu esquina del mundo también vale, gracias!

that’s right

the more we have working in unison

the stronger we are

the more we are able to stay ahead of the curve

We want as many healthy & informed people spanning the globe as possible

Translation: It is very important to share especially with parts of the world that have more poverty or other problems because sometimes they do not have the same access to important information to be able to save themselves. But you also share and help that way. Your corner of the world is also worth it, thank you!

Here is footage of the Kenosha shooter prior to the string of incidents being offered and tossed a bottled water out of a LEO vehicle. “We appreciate you guys being out here.”

thats going to bite them in the ass

good job Kenosha PD

Police / Boogaloo Profesionalism


Estoy de acuerdo, tenemos que proporcionar la información que dispongamos para que nuestros hermanos puedan tener una visión más amplia de cómo se está desarrollando el mundo, pera mi es algo muy importante por eso dedico las primeras horas de la mañana a ver y compartir todo lo que pueda, el pueblo mientras más informado y más sepa menos manipulable es

You were right. Twitter is savage tonight

To me that says more to come

:memo: 301 replies

MEDIA BLACKOUT: Black man executes white family in traffic


Father, step-daughter shot dead in Georgetown Co. after traffic accident

Ty Sheem Ha Sheem Walters III, 23, of Moncks Corner, has been charged with two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder in connection to the incident.

The Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office accuses Walters of opening fire on the three victims following a vehicle collision around 5 p.m. Monday near the intersection of Georgetown Hwy. (U.S. 521 )and Indian Hut Road, roughly halfway between the City of Georgetown and the Town of Andrews.

Deputies said Walters ran away on foot after the shooting. He was caught about an hour and a half later in a nearby wooded area after being tracked by bloodhounds.


4chan is going crazy too. Not just tweeter

All over the place

Straight up calls for violence from both sides. Be safe out there

21+ :warning: Graphic | Kenosha #Wisconsin shooting from three angles

Business owner viciously assaulted by BLM mob. This is why they are defending themselves by any means necessary.

This weekend will be hell

Hang in there

Focus on yourself, do not fall for the politics (Divide and Conquer)

Many things you can do as you keep on rebuilding yourself



This weekend our Nation will be tested like never before

MSM was not reporting Kenosha, so close to elections for it might have caused voters to favor anyone who promises Law and Order independently of party affiliation. Now due to the deaths tonight and the skin color of the shooter (White) they will gaslight our nation into even more riots

The Brick :brick: Wizard :mage:‍♂ (Soros) will appear again. More out of towners will start going to hotspots to gaslight. You can see it now on Twitter. I was already Shadowbanned, look out for cars with no license plates. It’s Minneapolis all over again.

Even Ramen :ramen: is now PC

:frowning: no more Oriental Flavor

Collect Oriental Flavor Ramen :ramen: it’s collectible


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