JUST IN - The Juno spacecraft orbiting Jupiter has discovered an FM RADIO SIGNAL coming from the moon Ganymede. The…

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Yeah sure Rabbi

Maybe it’s pulling the time based on the computer you’re accessing - when refreshing does the time change significantly?

no its not javascript. coming from server response

More Trump supporters finding out they are on no fly list…

When I refreshed it was just a couple second jump… holding steady now at 19:39:22

The wording (term ended) but date and time is future. And that the time (for me) now states 19:49:00. This smells of hack.

Not future if stating the time in Zulu time



Ok, regarding the

, they have taken off Donald Trump from the Biographies List so you can no longer click to that page anymore…

thanks , been waiting

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How do they know you’re the supporter? So if someone doesn’t want you to fly, simple put one sticker on your back then you’ll be dead, no fly, no social media, not allowed to purchase, no food, no Water?

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