Just a selection of Tomsk spiers

Just a selection of Tomsk spiers
Don’t try to draw parallels with Salisbury…

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I’m writing a document

Just trying to make sense of the world

And I find that the white world/black world stuff is really interesting

But I’m not sure I understand it well

Also read Aries’ reddit post and the thing about humanity resetting itself is interesting and could perhaps explain a lot regarding ancient civilizations more advanced than us

Don’t think that was Aries? @AriesAzazel

I’d really appreciate it if anyone knowledgeable in these domains could help me out a bit with what I’m writing, as well as any feedback on the doc

Talking abt this post

I doubt anyone will click that link as is. It’s a Google link and google tracks accounts. Put the text somewhere that doesn’t support censorship and people might read it

Oh, like what? Any platform you’d recommend?

Any of the encrypted file sharing services

Is this better? Used doc droid

34 pages. I’ll get back to you

Ok thank you :slight_smile: btw it’s a work in progress there are still many holes and things I gotta add

:tornado::it: A terrible hurricane with hail hit Italy, Verona was flooded
The hurricane knocked down hundreds of trees and caused significant damage to agriculture in the region

:tornado::it: На Италию обрушился страшный ураган с градом, Верону затопило
Ураган повалил сотни деревьев и нанес значительный ущерб сельскому хозяйству региона

In Crimea, the authorities began to turn off water due to the shallowing of reservoirs.
Now water will be supplied according to the schedule only in the morning and in the evening in Simferopol and 39 more settlements in Simferopol and Bakhchisarai regions.
Water supply will be reduced to 100 thousand cubic meters per day

He is awesome!
Who is it? He is so cute!!!

I’m now in about the same condition as him :sweat_smile:

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