Judging by what's happening, people are under kind of influence.

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Judging by what’s happening, people are under kind of influence.
Such large-scale events don’t happen by themselves.

so I’ve recently tried to catch up with what’s happening in us. the riots and protests in LA were moving downtown but are urged to move towards west where designer stores are so that those can be looted and meanwhile the mall of America is actually a stranger things 3 kind of setup which is also the target. this is basically outrage against the rich and the racists. all this amid us still reporting 20k ish covid cases daily.

Much happen today?


but it all started after the racist inequality problem (read some cops killing unarmed black people) was reignited because of the murder of Mr George Floyd, which happened on camera and was viral online


I’m pretty jealous of those 2 astronauts for getting the hell off the planet.

A friend of mine was offered money from Antifa to take a bus to Miami, join the riot, wear all white so they would know who you are, and get paid to do it. They’re bussing people in.

it will continue in space too, just wait

— Philadelphia is on fire

I will once again list the LIST of RECENT EVENTS - if someone just looked pictures, but didn’t read text. Try to evaluate what’s happening by looking from the side. This NOT spontaneous.

:black_small_square:Minneapolis and Portland impose an emergency and curfew;
:black_small_square:in Atlanta and Dallas, protesters burn police cars and fire at cops;
:black_small_square:in Portland, people rob ATMs; the crowd burned the Palace of Justice; The police used tear gas;
:black_small_square:in Louisville, Kentucky, police fired on journalists, firing rubber bullets on live broadcast;
:black_small_square:The Pentagon urgently mobilizes military police to be sent to Minneapolis;
:black_small_square:in Atlanta, 1,700 National Guard officers introduced to support special forces + 1,000 National Guard officers were introduced to Minneapolis;
:black_small_square:over Los Angeles circling police helicopters;
:black_small_square:Dallas on fire, police can’t handle;
:black_small_square:The situation in Auckland is out of control. Protesters rob everything that interests them. Agent of Secret Service died from gunshot wounds;
:black_small_square:The Governor of Minnesota announced the complete mobilization of the National Guard - that’s 13,000 people;
Major convoy of the Minnesota National Guard entered Minneapolis; According the Governor of Minnesota, the military providing intelligence and interception of protesters talks by NSA forces;
:black_small_square:in Philadelphia, thousands of people took to the streets;
:black_small_square:Protesters near the White House broke through the fence line and found themselves face to face with Secret Service and police;
:black_small_square:on the streets of Dallas fighters of the special forces police unit SWAT;
:black_small_square:in Brooklyn, New York, arrests began;
:black_small_square:St. Paul (Minnesota) is also on fire…

Maybe this is not my doing, this another country, but the ways of influencing to masses same everywhere.
These are NOT spontaneous events.

WTOP Journalist, Alejandro Alvarez:
— "Penn. and 17th is split between protesters and Secret Service with what’s basically a buffer zone between them.

The situation is stable at the moment but some protesters are daring to inch forward. Cries of “hands up, don’t shoot” are getting louder."

Rioting intensifying now in Los Angeles, police cars being set on fire.

This is the scene in Center City Philadelphia

Atlanta (GA) Media, AJC Journalist:
— "Things escalated quickly.

Atlanta (GA) Media, AJC Journalist:
— "Officers in riot gear have moved in front of the governor mansion’s fence.

ABC News says about 400 Arrested and 5 Officers hurt amid clashes in LA

Doesn’t surprise me. They have big protests in a lot of cities.

They’re paying people to turn out Soros style.

Content Warning: Blood & Gore

These were the images sent where he was shot in the face:

Black Nationalist Netizens are rejoicing now, since that BLM Militants are setting fire on the Fayetteville old ‘Market house’ where Slaves used to be sold & Purchased


Two Federal Protective Service officers shot in Oakland, one killed

Protests are in even in Fargo, ND