[Johns Hopkins University Hospital - Baltimore MD] Forced to work extra without pay, one N95 mask which is to be used indefinitely

Where: Johns Hopkins University Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Report: Residents and fellows have been banned from moonlighting. However, we are all “volunteered” for deployment without any pay. We are provided with one N95 mask which is to be used indefinitely if possible.

John Hopkins University hospital should be ashamed of themselves. John Hopkins is the #3 best hospital in the entire United States of America! It’s not some local community hospital that’s struggling to stay open.

Their medical school is ranked #2 in the country. So money is definitely not the issue here. They are getting free labor out of the residents and fellows. Slave labor??

So if this is what’s happening at John Hopkins. I can’t imagine what’s happening in the poor inner-city community hospitals. No wonder they ban the healthcare workers from speaking with the press.

I wonder how many healthcare workers have to buy their own personal protective equipment?

If the shoe was on the other foot, I wonder how many days the top senior management of John Hopkins would work with 1 N95 mask to use??

It’s outrageous how poorly medical staff everywhere is being treated. First responders don’t get this treatment …

Sad to read this :worried: