[Johns Hopkins Hospital - Baltimore MD] Biometric fingerprint machine spreading disease, no gloves, cross-contaminating COVID and non-COVID floors, n95s to be used indefinitely and some get none at all, COVID deaths not reported

Where: Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Report: We are not allowed to don any garb when entering a COVID+ unit, all personnel work on the floor in only their scrubs. Some donning areas don’t even supply gloves, you have the option to wear them inside. We use biometric Pyxis which means our fingerprint is scanned to access the med machine, and most don’t Purell before using. We could turn off biometrics and use passwords instead but we still haven’t. Those you deliver on COVID floors, and there are a lot mind you, also deliver to non-COVID floors immediately after. They won’t fit everyone who works in the floor with an N95. PAPRs are used with shit batteries and I’ve witnessed 2 batteries die while in he unit. Dodging and donning area doors are opened even when those inside aren’t masked. N95s are used indefinitely, if you get one, you most likely will not get another. Surgical masks are being used for 7 days. Infection garb is only to be used when physically touching the patient or performing a procedure and must be used for the rest of the day, this means those with infection garb on are still wearing them in the main hall and in the cafeteria. COVID patients are being transported on staff elevators without masks and the elevators are not cleaned after. The first covid death was reported a week after the first REAL covid death.

Ugh so stressful reading this. We really need to re-evaluate the previous protocols and see this for what it is, an airborne contagion that is going to cross any path where precautions aren’t used. We need to be extra vigilante and not give any reason for being less than prepared going forward.