Jiangsu woman afraid of banknotes carrying Wuhan virus 1 minute microwave disinfection

江苏女怕钞票带武汉病毒 1分钟微波消毒全烧焦:joy::joy::joy:

Jiangsu woman afraid of banknotes carrying Wuhan virus 1 minute microwave disinfection

⤺ reposted by @threeletteragent from Xinhua news agency proclaims: the world owes China a “thank you” 🤦🏻‍♂️

Lol I did that to a bath towel once

:rotating_light:گویا در فسا (استان فارس) وضعیت خیلی بحرانیه

با ماشین و بلندگو دارن از مردم میخوان که بیرون نیان از خونه هاشون!

وی The situation in Fasa (Fars province) is very serious

They have cars and speakers asking people not to come out of their homes!

To me every apartment building looks like a mini Princess Diamond waiting to happen

The Iraniains are pissed

whom ever the Face Mask Mafia is

is being hunted down

selling off Strategic Health supplies

A friend said his wife has a friend with family in Wuhan. People have verbal fights through walls telling each other shut up and they yell shut up back. Going insane

when their country is in need of it

جمشیدی، معاون تعزیرات اداره کل تعزیرات شهرستان های استان تهران از کشف ۵۴ میلیون عدد دستکش در انباری در جنوب تهران خبر داد.

لعنتی اندازه کل مصرف کشور احتکار کردی!؟! اعدام واست کمه، باید ببرنت تو بیمارستان مسیح دانشوری بدون دستکش و ماسک زیر بیمارا رو عوض کنی.

:black_small_square:کاش میدونستیم بعد از کشف این حجم دستکش، بعدش کجا میرن اینا و آیا دوباره با قیمت بالا به خود مردم فروخته نمیشود یا شاید هم می‌شود!؟!!!

Jamshidi, deputy head of ta’zir, the provincial headquarters of ta’zir, announced the discovery of 3 million gloves in a warehouse south of Tehran.

Damn you the size of the whole country consumption !?! You have to be executed at Christ’s Hospital without changing the gloves and under the mask.

We wished we knew after discovering this volume of gloves, where they would go next and wouldn’t it be sold to people again at a high price or maybe even!? !!!

I seem to recall they gave China a whole bunch of masks?

probably hiding out in Dubai

Telegram rocks. Facebook is deleting groups, censoring like mad.

yup, Iran gave China one million masks on feb.2nd.

more like someone sold it to China

I’m not buying that the first death just happened in Washington State this week. If they had a case on January 20th. Also NYC has there first case on the January the 15th don’t buy into there bullshit

Huangjinkou, in Hanyang district, Wuhan. An elderly couple without anyone to look after them jumped one after another. Allegedly because of lack of food.

:frowning: horrible

I don’t know who owns or manages this place, but thank you!

thank you @Petadee

And China gave Iran 250k masks about a week ago. That’s a little less than 1m.

Righty, so you run this joint? When did you start the group?

Jan 22nd

@drunkenwhiskers explain the last part about Germany :de:



换器官是中共控制世界的有效手段之一,新疆人的器官专供中东穆斯林大佬,世界各国权贵和政要,只要需要换器官,他们就得和中共苟且。据说德国默克尔就是在中国换的器官。:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: #organtransplant

A friend of mine used to be a hospital consumable business in China, and he has scared immigrants. His business unit is a medium-sized hospital in Hangzhou. There is a floor, and several machines do organ transplants day and night. In three or five days, the organ source can be waited for. If the type does not match, there is a spare. He returned to China again two years ago. This hospital has opened four floors for organ transplants, and it is still around the clock.

The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang Medical University, referred to as “Zheyi First Hospital”. “Shulan Hospital” is a husband and wife shop opened by the director of Zhejiang First Hospital Zheng Shusen and his wife Li Lanjuan, specializing in organ replacement.

Organ replacement is one of the effective methods of the Chinese Communist Party to control the world. Xinjiang’s organs are exclusively for Muslim gangsters in the Middle East. Powers and dignitaries of all countries in the world need to exchange with the Chinese Communist Party whenever they need to replace their organs. It is said that Merkel, Germany, is an organ changed in China. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: #organtransplant

America seems to be doing the same as China did: limiting the number of ppl to be tested.