Jesus Christ are they really trying to push Gold Star Lesbians into Heterosexual relationships. What the hell

That’s a mouthful

Reds show up. Opportunistically orchestrated chaos ensues.

Dots connected.
Incoming: Cryptocurrency as primary form of currency to ensure trust & traceability.

Soros BIG red


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Brick wizard boss level.

:fire::ru: Did not have time to extinguish the fires in Rostov region, as in Magadan broke out seven fires at once
Fires are burning in the area of the villages of Sokol and Ultar, forests are also burning on Nyukle, where, according to Izvestia, residents of the coast of the Magadan Region prefer to rest.
#Fire #Russia #Magadan

:fire::ru: Не успели потушить пожары в Ростовской области, как вспыхнуло сразу семь пожаров в Магадане
Пожары горят в районе поселков Сокол и Ултар, также горят леса на Нюкле, где, по мнению Известий, предпочитают отдыхать жители побережья Магаданской области.
#Пожар #Россия #Магадан


Red brick wizard

I always wondered where the red brick road leads. I guess now I know.

I felt a meme was needed loool

Where does the gray one go?

“ICIJ is not publishing the totality of the leak, and will not divulge raw documents or personal information en masse.”

Good and bad thing, especially under the elections it could be bad. They can ruin their or someone elses agenda.

You know I never noticed that

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Interesting. This is exactly what the Rules for Rulers video discussed. When the keys are no longer useful, they are no longer required. :cry: