Jesus Christ are they really trying to push Gold Star Lesbians into Heterosexual relationships. What the hell

Jesus Christ are they really trying to push Gold Star Lesbians into Heterosexual relationships. What the hell

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“The answer is a complex emotional and ethical maze” the fuck it is, the audacity of telling anyone who to be intimate with is fucking insane.

“Is it right to choose your own dating criteria?” Wtf

I don’t tend to never touch sexuality because it’s a dicey topic

I keep it clean

But this is some next level bullshit

And as someone who trained LGBT community in Weapons (Pink Pistols)

I feel bad that such a mentality even exist

This is just another divide and conquer via co-opted agendas. It’s harmful and doesn’t serve that community. It’s oppressive shit


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No, stop calling this behavior dumb. It’s people and groups vying for power. Stuff like this literally can get people killed.
What your seeing is people or groups fighting for power right now. Except it seems that only some groups are doing it while others seem oblivious to it and are doing nothing to counter it.
Listen to what is going on. Someone is literally defending people stealing stuff and also is basically threatening theirs lives over it. This is not stupid IF it gets their end goal. Not saying it is right. But seriously, what does she have to lose by this behavior? What does she and her “in group” have to gain if she succeeds?
PS: Before anyone thinks I’m defending her actions, I’m not. I’m just looking at reality for what it is, there is a lot of in fighting going on between groups in this country. Just that it seems one side seems to be able to do crap like this while the other sides do nothing.

long history with the woke wealth redistribution revolutionaries, first they claim to be all about supporting the lgbt. Then once they’re not useful to their cause anymore, before you know it they’re genociding them.

Look it up

Facts :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:


How is this not just as bad as telling someone they have to be straight?

How does anyone not look at these side by side and not see that that’s exactly the same thing?

And what kind of trickery is at work here that anyone would accept this after fighting so hard just to be who they are and be left alone about it?

Desert communities told to evacuate as winds stoke flames

Pay attention to this

Soros :arrow_up_down::arrow_up_down::arrow_up_down::arrow_up_down:

Connect the dots

More on the huge lie of
climate change -> forest fires

Intentionally causing the state to burn in a mega forest fire, to score points for the anti-egalitarianism wealth redistribution movement.

Inciting arson attacks, to score points for the anti-egalitarianism wealth redistribution movement.

All part of the same anti-egalitarianism wealth redistribution movement.

That’s a mouthful

Reds show up. Opportunistically orchestrated chaos ensues.

Dots connected.
Incoming: Cryptocurrency as primary form of currency to ensure trust & traceability.

Soros BIG red


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Brick wizard boss level.

:fire::ru: Did not have time to extinguish the fires in Rostov region, as in Magadan broke out seven fires at once
Fires are burning in the area of the villages of Sokol and Ultar, forests are also burning on Nyukle, where, according to Izvestia, residents of the coast of the Magadan Region prefer to rest.
#Fire #Russia #Magadan

:fire::ru: Не успели потушить пожары в Ростовской области, как вспыхнуло сразу семь пожаров в Магадане
Пожары горят в районе поселков Сокол и Ултар, также горят леса на Нюкле, где, по мнению Известий, предпочитают отдыхать жители побережья Магаданской области.
#Пожар #Россия #Магадан


Red brick wizard

I always wondered where the red brick road leads. I guess now I know.

I felt a meme was needed loool