Jerry Seinfeld slams viral essay on New York City being ‘dead’: ‘Pull it together’

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I actually read Atxhulers piece when it came out. He was unusually well spoken and observant. I agreed with him, mostly. He points out the struggle of the Middle Earth-class, but only a wee bit about big picture true, high level happenings. With what we know now through DP channel, it’s so much bigger and finely orchestrated than most any of us imagined.

Anyone figure out why he’s really at Walter Reed yet?

it’s very interesting moved locations after the set location was already in place

Raven Rock.

Well you said there’s and underground tunnel to Raven Rock

Raven rock. Thats like 200 miles away. Big tunnel. Not saying not possible just mind blowing

Only 9 years to make it with tech from the 70s.
100m per day.
I wouldn’t be surprised at miles per day looking at some of these modern parents

Thank you

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I think Elon musk’s tech can do it a lot faster than that. I’m amazed more hasn’t been written about what he’s doing with tunnels

Lol :joy: Elon’s tech are just crumbs, hand me down Technology Transfers

Lots to learn, I have

Bunker below?

It leads to one of the major DUMB’s

Yeah… he would not just go to any hospital

Civilian doctors are under no obligation to lie… Doctors at Walter Reed still fall under Trump in chain of command