Jealous of that maple!!

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Jealous of that maple!!

Now @Woken77 @euroargny if tomorrow on the 27th let’s say there is a leak. Someone violates their Secrecy Oath and the real numbers are leaked. Let’s just say

There will be mass panic

If numbers are leaked that contradict the CDC and

What’s being said

Then you for damn sure will start seeing empty shelves

At the supermarket

I don’t @SteveGoodCEO was offending Polish people but the ones who are in charge Kat

My wife is also polish and I am half polish. Thank you @aries as you know me I am only sharing the information I get as it comes out

Let’s just all come from a place of the love the world is too harsh as it is

Ok she’s gone

What did she do

Start a fight with Steve

For no reason

Yeah no fights here

Literally we have 2 rules

Sad. But I’m not looking for trouble. Than you my friend. I shared a leaked doc from a school in Poland. That was it

No Politics and No Asshole behavior

Steve you did nothing wrong

She assumed you where Anglo Saxon with negative views towards polish people

I 86ed her

Thank you. I have utmost respect for your work and the risks you take to do this.

I did disclose that my wife is polish too…

They ask me what’s going to happen on the 27 I spend hours looking for the clip

Then say we are being cryptic

Like wtf

We are months ahead of the press

Aries… thank you for all of this btw

I don’t need these headaches

Calm down you lot

Because of you we are way ahead. It’s insane how accurate things turned out to be

What we need is to get the best info we can to be safe. My plan B may not be possible due to travel restriction coming faster than planned…