@JannibAndelo hope this is the right one

@JannibAndelo hope this is the right one

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My brother who is not a prepper just sent this. I am a teacher on the East Coast USA. Flu is bad enough with no substitutes avail much. we are a sitting petri dish.

please, stay safe and healthy :pray:

is there any instructions for teachers there, regarding this situation?

Should we be worried about coronavirus on mail, packages, and goods shipped from elsewhere?


Link to Jimmy ’s paper

I’m getting close to end of first draft. you can comment right in the google doc itself. hope to post it late tonight after i get back

@SteveGoodCEO is your mother in law ok?

If someone is an expert on first aid kits, that would save me a lot of time

I don’t know!!! Doctors aren’t acting. We don’t know if it’s corona or not and they don’t seem to care enough to test it

She has a respiratory infection which showed up about 16 days after her trip


Poland and traveling along Czech and Hungarian borders. Remote area. But I don’t know anything about the other polish people she was with or where they were from or where they’ve been prior

Fuck sorry to hear this

Hopefully it’s a flue

Thank you. It’s too close to home now. I’m upset but waiting to see