I've started making this "deaths on video" chart as an experiment. If it looks useful let's finish it together

I’ve started making this “deaths on video” chart as an experiment. If it looks useful let’s finish it together

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That must of taken forever

:us: U.S. Army suspends travel to and from South Korea for all soldiers and family members due to coronavirus outbreak.

Travel ban in effect through May 6th, military says.

:el_salvador: NEW: El Salvador will deny entry to foreigners coming from France or Germany due to coronavirus, president says; citizens coming from those countries will be quarantined for 30 days.

:us: BREAKING: Vermont reports first case of coronavirus.

A total of 32 states confirmed COVID-19 infections until now.

:iran: Iran Air suspends all its flights to European destinations until further notice due to restrictions imposed to combat COVID-19 allegedly.

:saudi_arabia: BREAKING: Saudi Arabia puts Qatif in Eastern Province on lockdown due to coronavirus.

Saudi government announcement:

  • Entry and exit from Qatif is suspended
  • Residents who live in the area are allowed to return home
  • Government departments and non-essential businesses in the area are closed.

Note: KSA has only 11 cases and all from Qatif area. All these cases are connected to visits to Iran by people living in that area.

Not as long as you’d think. Did all of it today

I’m up to… February 1

If the amount of dead on video ends up being a significant portion of the official number, it could verifiably show the official numbers are fake

:it: Rome, Italy. It’s empty.


Which video

All of them

Oh here. I see. I think this is great. Will be very useful in the future when people are looking for the truth about all this

Hopefully it will be useful now