Ive got a copy downloaded part 1 and 2 on my Facebook page

Ive got a copy downloaded part 1 and 2 on my Facebook page

⤺ reposted by @AriesAzazel from You can scroll up and see that the story is consistent Los Americanos en Pine Gap saben tambien.


For people who didn’t have the chance to stick up on supplies.

waves shipping fires for orders over $75. I suggest doing that rather than exposing yourself to massive crowds.

Part Two is there too

Let’s see for how long

Exactly , had a thought these videos wpuld be deleted very soon so I’ve got copies downloaded on my pc if that ever happens

And played all the stocks that would go up

Yes You were start in middle but

But yes this entire thing started in December

Maybe even late November

I was invited to be host and speaker on VIP impact investment conference in Pekin and my wife and 10 months. Child first :slight_smile: got sick i got visa ticket etc and vefore go to airport i decide to stay at home

No go there

Good call

And few days later was like hmmm there is something wrong

But got news from friends there were China citizen who inform about it from 12.12 or something like that

And he was arrested then released at start of January and the all family died :frowning:

@coronavirusUK got a UK NCov Group if anyones after UK specific.

Why this is import art because this show that can be seriously few different virus and he seems that is something weird and inform and there was like chaos theory and now we have total disinformation so many theories are go up to special go down and next theory it’s seriously weird

Thanks Aries for create this forum :slight_smile:

To be honest the same was when 9/11 was, then I was sick and see all live footage when later was no possible to found so seriously archivd what You have :slight_smile: then can change some details and put it as it was no change but better record as You see on own eyes :slight_smile:

Sorry for typo new phone and new system :slight_smile:

BTW Warren finally got iPhone to show people that apple will be OK or to be more online with his friends about what is going on ? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


More news coming up

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Are you from Scotland

#疫情之下 吃碗面真心不容易,排好长的队,一人一个桌子

疫情 下 It ’s not easy to eat bowl noodles.

UPDATE: 4th case of COVID-19 in Santa Clara County. This case is an adult woman who is a household contact of the third case. We expected more cases of COVID-19 in our county and have been preparing for community spread

Thank you sir.

#中共國 昨天天津拾荒老人被打曝光,官方輕描淡寫說物業人員去向老人道歉了。明明是犯罪行為,應該司法處理,警察也不出警。今天驗證老人說根本沒道歉,把老人腿已經被打壞,老人悲慘說活一天,算一天吧!中共統治下的社會→悲慘世界!

中共 国 Yesterday, the Tianjin elderly man was beaten and exposed. Officials underplayed that the property staff went to apologize to the old man. It is clearly a criminal act and should be dealt with judicially. Today’s verification of the old man said that he did not apologize at all and broke the old man’s leg. Society under the CCP rule → miserable world!

Hier twittert ein Pfleger von einer Intensivstation… :flushed:

Here a nurse tweets from an intensive care unit … :flushed: