it's the macgyver move yea

⤺ reposted by @AriesAzazel from Projected death toll of 2.2 million for the US according to the report.

I’ve seen 4

4 per ventilator??

Well fuck.

it’s the macgyver move yea

I need to find that video again

but all four patients have to have roughly the same tidal volumes

i’ll find it

For medical professionals: Use 1 ventilator to support 4 patients:

there u go

Maddy look :arrow_up::arrow_up:

Don’t get sick

Well that video is going to be getting a LOT of views soon.

i found it off medcram which is the best doctor doing CV vids on YT imo

if you want the crash course on CV microbiology, medcram is your guy

Oooh thanks tuit!! I’m definitely going to check that out.