Its the end of the world

Its the end of the world

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Is this milano?

Hmm… major cities in China is still like this after two months

Ok I’m over the stock market

Let’s do some news

:red_circle:تصویری دردناک از وضعیت ضدعفونی کردن تحقیرآمیزِ کارگران نیشکر هفت تپه ،بدون ماسک،بدون دستکش با دستمزد روزانه یِ تقریبا ۳۰،۴۰تومان…یکیشون وسط میگه میخوای ما رو بُکشی…

A painful depiction of the humiliating disintegration of the Haft Tapeh sugar cane workers, with no masks, no gloves with a daily wage of almost 1,6 Tomans.

I’m guessing your list is outdated by now?