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Aries the link to the NCP plan hasn’t been updated since 2007

She’s from Palo Alto California

Anyone heard FEMA locking down Northern California tonight at Midnight??

Was going to sleep…FUCK!

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Yes but can’t get any more info on it but I’ve heard it also

Hi Lesley, they are in Litchfield Park. How far away are you from there? Thank you so so much!!! :pray::pray:

Thank you Lesley!!’

Pension funds are safe. No need to panic

We are both on the West side. They are just South of me. Is this your mom and dad in an active adult community?

Of course! We need to take care of all of us.






[Heavy] At present, public security agencies in various provinces and cities are actively carrying out “one standard and three real” information collection with the epidemic prevention and control as the carrier.

“Hello, we are policemen of the xx Public Security Bureau. Now I ask you a few questions, mainly about your family situation …” Recently, many residents have encountered a similar situation in the home.

What is “one standard and three facts”:
One mark refers to the standard address, and is composed of “administrative division + township streets + streets + lanes + house number + residential (group) + building row number + unit number + household room” and other elements. Sanshi refers to “real population, real houses, real units”. Sanshi information must be entered on the standard address.

The reasons are as follows:

  1. Police come to the door quickly when it is dangerous, which is convenient for law and order management.
  2. The ambulance comes to the door quickly when you are sick, which is convenient for rescue.
  3. Firefighters came quickly to the door when a fire broke out.
  4. Through data analysis, the government makes overall plans for the rational distribution of public resources such as health care and education.
  5. Express delivery can be delivered accurately.
  6. Provide relevant information for engaging in related business activities.

How should it work together?

  1. Proactively provide relevant information such as family, population, housing use, and quantity.
  2. Proactively present the relevant original documents such as residence register, ID card, residence permit, graduation certificate, marriage certificate, etc.
  3. Provide accurate information about the tenants of the rental house and the contact information of the neighbors.
  4. According to the phone number of the staff of “One Standard and Three Realities”, the staff will actively make appointments for the staff to investigate and collect information.
  5. According to the requirements of the household survey form, truthfully provide the survey staff with relevant information such as vehicle number plates and contact information.

:alarm_clock: Monday, March 2, 2020 3:32 AM

A citizen in Wuhan couldn’t stand the high-priced dishes, and went out to buy it himself, and found that the original market did not increase prices! So the question is, where are the profits of those high-priced dishes?
:alarm_clock: Monday, March 2, 2020 3:32 AM

社会主义好 / Socialism is good

:arrow_up:Not coronavirus related but I suspect it’s being shared to stir an uprising :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:


good news. I know and respect Topol.

This is a fight at Costco no details but it’s interesting seeing the commentary

Invite him in

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My family three generations of Marshalls on my moms side