Its busy today

Its busy today

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Looks like they were looking for something. Can you elaborate as to whats going on here for anyone of us in the dark?

Sweeping for radiological biological or tactical weapons

Janet Taking off now

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Not normal

Where can I find this? I want to check Utah.

Flightradar24 it looks like

“Mount Weather” and EAM / HFGCS

Search for it on Google and Twitter

Do it now

The EAM’s are going crazy

High Frequency Global Communications System (HFGCS) has never been this active before in the past 48 hours

EAM stands for Emergency Action Message.

I’m canceling Wizard of the Day today

Roger that.

A High Number of Unusual Activity is currently going on, and I don’t know if it’s War or ELE related.

I don’t understand the letters or anything, but they are going off one after the other

don’t focus on that

focus on why the system was set up in the first place

and the high volume of traffic

after POTUS is under quarantine

Focus on the number of flights going in and out of Area 51 at unusual hours

and the number of DOOMSDAY PLANES in the Air after the announcement

focus on the fact that Chinese preppers released a manual on how to surive The First Wave

and that supposedly a mobillization of 35 to 45 year olds is happening as we speak in China

when I mean focus I mean connect the dots

without the Chiper no one will understand the letters

Right. I realized after i posted, they were coded. I have connected the dots now. Welcome to october. Have we any confirmation that the draft is happening. They were supposed to show up yesterday. Also connected the dot of china showing civilians how to get to bunkers back in i think may or june.

It looks like COG kicked in and they brought Pence to Mount Weather.

The craptastic part of hunting this down on Twitter is all the normies yapping about the freaking TV show.

Hard to sift.

Luckily I’ve seen it so I can tell the tweets apart.

Is it safe to assume the president is in a bunker for next two weeks in case of nuclear attack or ELE. The HFGCS going crazy…would that be more war engagement related or ELE. ELE as in asteroid not nuke

attack from whom do we have a short list of possible contenders?

Indicates an October 1st date

Draft in China