It's all over internet now, but here's from Norwegian media

It’s all over internet now, but here’s from Norwegian media

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Thanking you

Similar to what I had already read just more detailed.

65 cases in Norway and they’re already saying they’re planning to only test severe cases because they have a limited amount of tests.
They’ve given up stopping the virus. Keeping the breakout as low as possible preventing healthcare system overflowing is the main objective.
In Norway they’re planning on 25% of the population needing healthcare.

are there any videos from people who have “recovered”?

There was a couple on tv in Australia interviewed that had recovered, but they had no symptoms the whole time. Weird.

Around 23:40 there’s about the different strains.
I recommend their videos and updates.

Yes. I think that this can be a very different point that can explain the multiple collapses in different videos.

Danger is multiplied if this is confirmed

If its confirmed, it will be the worst case scenario. A highly transmibble disease that attacks central nervous system is society crumbling

Absolute agree :+1: