its a plane conga line

⤺ reposted by @hiddeninthegarden from Semi truck oil spill completely shuts down traffic on the main artery through Washington.

its a plane conga line

Uh-oh. More aerial conga lines.

Look at this crazy line of airplanes into Ethiopia. U would think this is the hottest spot on earth with this kinda traffic. It’s like all these diff nations flying in at same time. And yet no other traffic or almost no traffic for rest of africa !!!

Bunkers in Ethiopia?

And no one is leaving Ethiopia… just arriving

Mercenaries possibly

Have you ever seen those ancient churches in Ethiopia that are carved straight into the ground in the form of a crucifix? Tell me those wouldn’t be good bunkers! Or prototypes to copy for bunker builders.

If they were smart they would wait until the ramp up to peak fighting to get as much surprise as they could. Seeming that they are concentrating towards the NW there would be little in the way of ground forces avaible to put defense. Army guard and active would be tied up with riots and insurrection that only west coast marines would be able to be fielded.