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⤺ reposted by @aerthx from I just spoke to a 32 year old CoronaVirus Patient (who is a medical professional and not an alarmist) says the virus is worse than people think.

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^^^^ I’m not sure those uptodate with every jab are rushing to Wuhan either.

Aries This is so sad, and these portents will soon be with us

in Lombardy (italy) there are more deaths than Intensive care patients today. do you know why? because we ran out of intensive care places in just two weeks. there is no place for other patients (for example from accidents), doctors are doing work for 20h a day, they risk burnout syndrome.

This is not just a flu and I don’t understand how Germany and France are not blocking everything like us.

in Germany if one has diabetes and takes coronavirus and dies, they say he died of diabetes, falsifying the data. but the collapse of health facilities will also be there.

For now no dead under 40 years in italy. but young people in intensive care yes.

Be careful

Coronavirus on the East End: Suffolk’s first case is a man in his early 40s, hospitalized in Southampton after transfer from Greenport | RiverheadLOCAL

The news is distressing, To say the least. Thank you for the update Jimmy.