Italian citizens do not agree to close the city and march! 😱😱😱

意大利市民不同意封城出来游行! :scream::scream::scream:
Italian citizens do not agree to close the city and march! :scream::scream::scream:

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This doesn’t look like italy and I’m absolutely not aware of anyone marching against closure of a city

Me too


Chinese must be confused

Is fake this news im italian

Yes, I’m confused why it’s made all the Chinese groups

It’s very odd.

One of the signs says Optical

And I have no idea if they are speaking Italian

:red_circle::movie_camera: آمار مبتلایان کرونا به نسبت جمعیت

:small_orange_diamond: آمار تعداد مبتلایان به کرونا ویروس در هر یک میلیون نفر جمعیت تا 19 اسفند در 17 کشور با تراکم بیشتر مبتلایان نشان می دهد که ایران بالاتر از چین قرار دارد، البته وضعیت ایتالیا و کره جنوبی به مراتب بدتر از ایران است.

:small_orange_diamond: جزئیات کامل این آمار که توسط آخرین خبر تهیه شده است را در این ویدئو ببینید.

:red_circle::movie_camera: Coronary artery disease by population ratio

:small_orange_diamond: The number of people infected with coronavirus per million population up to 19 March in 17 countries with a higher incidence of infection shows that Iran is higher than China, with Italy and South Korea far worse than Iran.

کامل See full details of this statistic provided by the latest news in this video.

Proof of how bad things have gotten

‏قیمت یک بشکه نفت در حال حاضر از قیمت بشکه‌ی واقعی کمتره

The price of one barrel of oil is currently lower than the price of the actual barrel

پشمام از این تکنولوژی ضد عفونی ریخت ببینید .

Wool see from this disinfection technology.

Most likely it’s commie propaganda. Their strategy in these past two weeks is to direct Chinese public attention towards other countries.

Not only. The anti-CPC groups hope Chinese people can “also” protest for the situation

Could be. There are these 海外民运 guys.